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Long Beach Community Garden Association, Inc.


The requirements for membership are a residence in the City of Long Beach, a California Drivers License or I.D. Card and a Utility Bill for verification. City of Long Beach Utility bill or Cable Television, Southern California Edison, Cell phone, home phone or homeowners tax statement are all acceptable.

To become a member of LBCGA, contact Kathy Jarvis, 1st Vice President, between the hours of 8:00am - 8:00pm, Monday thru Friday, 714-716-7002, your name will be added to our waiting list and a application form will be mailed or emailed to you. The next person on the list is assigned the first vacant plot and attends a 2 1/2 hour orientation. A contract agreeing to the Rules and Regulations is signed at that time. Children are not allowed to attend this orientation class nor are pets allowed in the garden area at any time. We only accept checks or money orders for payment of dues or fees. To be added to our waiting list, you must complete and return the application form with the $10.00, nonrefundable, application fee. The yearly membership fee at this time is $75.00 per year for appoximately a 600 sq foot plot. The garden site is located behind 2 electric gates, A onetime, non-refundable, fee for an opener is $15.00 each with a limit of 2 openers per membership per an agreement with the City to Long Beach to limit access to the garden site.

The membership year runs July 1 to June 30 of any given year and must be renewed on a yearly basis and have their Community Service Hours completed. At the time of renewal, a utility bill and California Drivers License or ID are required along with a check or money order for the yearly membership fee and completion of a membership contract